Positano, dream material on the Amalfi Coast

Colorful cottages clinging to the cliffs
A sea inhabited by Sirens
The magic of Positano

A pyramid of brightly-painted buildings clinging, limpet-like, to the rock face, Positano has to be the most characteristic of all the picture-perfect towns on Italy's Amalfi Coast. Where normally you would find streets, here you're greeted by a vertical maze of steps and alleyways, dotted with tiny little shops selling beachwear, handmade sandals and colorful ceramics.

From the beach to the cliff edge terrace where Villa Oliviero is located, the view becomes more and more breathtaking with each and every step you take. From the villa's panoramic terraces, the whole of Positano, the islets of Galli, and the sea which, legend has it, was once inhabited by the Sirens who attempted to seduce Ulysses, can be seen.

Positano fireworks

Each August 15th, Positano celebrates the Madonna dell'Assunta with a spectacular display of fireworks, launched from the sea. The event attracts thousands of visitors each year. Guests staying at Villa Oliviero get to enjoy amazing views of the fireworks, from the property's terraces.

For Ferragosto and to coincide with the firework display, Villa Oliviero organizes a special dinner on the panoramic terrace.

Positano fireworks Villa Oliviero

Positano, all year round enchantment


Once the summer has passed, life in Positano returns to that of a peaceful coastal village. In the mild weeks of autumn a stroll through the maze of picturesque little lanes, no longer brimming with tourists, or a swim in the sea, which is warm well in to November, is, for many, even more pleasurable. And as the sun sets and the air cools, nothing can be more enjoyable and romantic than a glass of wine by the fire in your very own home-from-home on the Amalfi Coast.


The waves crashing against the ancient Saracen towers, the almost empty streets: in winter Positano unleashes all its romantic charm. Indoors, in the cozy bars and restaurants, join the locals warming themselves over a glass of liqueur accompanied by a slice of traditional Neapolitan cake. And on sunny days, take time to walk on the beach, in the invigorating sea breeze.


An explosion of color and the exquisite scent of Mediterranean flowers. Spring is the season in which the terraces and balconies of Positano are festooned with bougainvillea, and the scent of orange blossoms fills the air. This is the time to take the first swim of the year, or to head in to the mountains, tracing the old coastal pathways winding above Positano, such as the spectacularly panoramic Sentiero degli Dei.

Around and about Positano:

From Positano, all the other treasures of the Amalfi Coast are just a short and incredibly scenic car or boat ride away!

Villa Oliviero Positano
Antonio and Nello, your family home became our special home for this past week and the only word I can think of to describe our experiences is... perfect!
David & Samantha
Thank you for sharing this magical place with us! We are also especially grateful for your kindness to baby Samuel. Our family will dream of Villa Oliviero, Positano until we return.
Paul, Kim, Samuel e Florence
Ciao Villa Oliviero! You are the best! We had such a wonderful time in a beautiful place. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. The dinners we had here at the villa were delicious. We will never forget you!
Diane & Danny